A Hebrew Word For An Intentional Pause To Reflect.

Helping Christians Go Deeper In Their Faith

In our high-paced lives, Selah offers experiences for Christians to go deeper in their faith through travel.

Travel opportunities including Holy Land and Bible Tours, or simply travel to a beautiful destination with like-minded people.




The concept of 'Selah' was birthed from Lisa Tarzia's personal experience.  As the Executive Director of Selah, and formerly Mission Travel, Lisa has always been passionate about travel that transforms. Through her own journey, the 'selah-moments' she experienced were life changing.  This drew her to a place where she wanted to provide opportunities for Christians to have these moments.

"Escaping from the busyness of life and making an intentional choice to stop and go deeper in faith is what I want to create. I guess it is a type of discipleship travel." says Lisa.

Selah provides these opportunities through travel to Biblical places, but also to places where God's creation makes us look to Him with awe and wonder.  Custom made for the Australian Christian, the heart behind Selah is for people to grow and be transformed. Selah recruits tour leaders of excellence that can commentate and facilitate this growth. 

The power of pausing and reflecting is incredible. As A.W. Tozer writes 'More spiritual progress can be made in one short moment of speechless silence in the awesome presence of God than in years of mere study.'

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Lisa Tarzia
 Founder/Managing Director

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Melanie Selvam
Travel Sales Consultant


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 Travel Sales Consultant


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Administration Assistant


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One of the organisations we partner with, The Parent’s Circle has joint CEO’s – one Palestinian and one Israeli. They have a shared understanding of the grief, loss and heartache that is felt, culminating in this current conflict. We want to share with you their words and ask that you use them as a prayer to pray for peace in this place. CEOs statements:  “As we stand on the threshold of a new year, the urgency to bring an end to the protracted Israeli-Palestinian conflict resonates more than ever. With just days remaining, our collective responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of affected children underscores the pressing need for a just and lasting resolution. This year has indeed been a rigorous test of our values, revealing the depths of challenges and the unsettling nature of certain situations. It prompts us to reflect on the strength of our principles in the face of adversity and…

With scammers becoming cunning and advanced in their attempts to steal money, Selah has recently implemented using Pay ID for our clients to pay us for their holiday arrangements. There is an additional layer of security with PayID and when you enter in Selah’s ABN for payment the system confirms our name Selah AU Pty Ltd so that you can be assured your money is going to the correct beneficiary. Hopefully these instructions will help with this new procedure: Step 1: Log in to your internet banking or banking app on your phone and go to the area to “PAY SOMEONE” Step 2: Look for the option to use PayID (some examples below) . In this case choose ABN or ACN. Step 3: Enter Selah’s ABN 92112881320 Step 4: It will confirm that you are paying Selah AU PTY LTD. So you know that your money is going to the right place! This might look…

Dear Valued Selah Community, This week, with both joy and a heavy heart, we share a significant update regarding our tours to Israel and Palestine. Due to the ongoing war, we’ve had to cancel many tours, resulting in refunds totalling over $700,000 to our cherished clients, with more to come. While it’s a bittersweet moment, we’re immensely proud that our clients received a maximum refund, a testament to our decades-long partnership and friendship with our suppliers in the Holy Land. 🤝 Decades-Long Partnership: Our strong ties with suppliers in the Holy Land allowed us to prioritise our clients’ well-being during these challenging times. The maximum refunds wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support and understanding from our friends and partners in Israel and Palestine. 🌟 Values of Honesty and Integrity: In the face of adversity, our commitment to honesty and integrity shines through. We believe in transparency and ensuring that our clients receive the…