A Hebrew Word For An Intentional Pause To Reflect.

Helping Christians Go Deeper In Their Faith

In our high-paced lives, Selah offers experiences for Christians to go deeper in their faith through travel.

Travel opportunities including Holy Land and Bible Tours, or simply travel to a beautiful destination with like-minded people.




The concept of 'Selah' was birthed from Lisa Tarzia's personal experience.  As the Executive Director of Selah, and formerly Mission Travel, Lisa has always been passionate about travel that transforms. Through her own journey, the 'selah-moments' she experienced were life changing.  This drew her to a place where she wanted to provide opportunities for Christians to have these moments.

"Escaping from the busyness of life and making an intentional choice to stop and go deeper in faith is what I want to create. I guess it is a type of discipleship travel." says Lisa.

Selah provides these opportunities through travel to Biblical places, but also to places where God's creation makes us look to Him with awe and wonder.  Custom made for the Australian Christian, the heart behind Selah is for people to grow and be transformed. Selah recruits tour leaders of excellence that can commentate and facilitate this growth. 

The power of pausing and reflecting is incredible. As A.W. Tozer writes 'More spiritual progress can be made in one short moment of speechless silence in the awesome presence of God than in years of mere study.'

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Lisa Tarzia
 Founder/Managing Director

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Melanie Selvam
Travel Sales Consultant


Christelle Marisson
 Travel Sales Consultant


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Administration Assistant


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Shabbat is the Jewish Sabbath, a 25-hour “day of rest” that begins at sundown Friday evening and ends Saturday night when, according to Jewish tradition, it’s dark enough to see three stars in the sky. During Shabbat, Jewish people take time out from the busy workweek to light candles, eat a delicious meal with family and friends, perhaps attend services at the synagogue or just go for a long, leisurely walk. Shabbat is more than a “day off;” according to the Torah (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible) it’s a holy day blessed by God. “Shabbat is different in Israel because the entire country goes on pause for 25 hours. Regardless of if you’re observant or not, Shabbat feels different in Israel and that’s a special feeling”. The Bible reminds us in Exodus 20: “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labour and do all your work, but…

I know on New Years Eve 2021 that I was hopeful and expectant of a better 2022. Having had two years of travel pause, I was prayerfully asking the Lord to make a way for Selah to re-open. Our travel partners in Europe, Israel, Greece and beyond were constantly emailing me “Come!”. But when I dug deep and looked at the practical realities of running Selah tours in 2022 it became apparent that the time is still not now. Imagine with me if someone on your tour tested positive to Covid-19. They would need to immediately isolate in their hotel room or cruise cabin for 5 days. Meanwhile the tour itinerary stipulates that the tour moves on to the next city or town, leaving these people behind. How do they ever “catch up” with the group? What about the other passengers on the tour? Are they now considered close contacts? Do we stop our scheduled…

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our worlds. Entire nations have been ordered to stay home; airlines and travel agents and tour operators have collapsed or dramatically scaled back. When things return to “normal”, a new covid-normal, what will international travel look like? Here are a few of the changes that we anticipate, or are already in place. INFLIGHT Leaving the middle seat empty has been bandied around by the media, and some US airlines tried it for a while, but the airlines have made it clear that that is not an option for them economically speaking. We expect that wearing a face mask inflight will be mandatory for both passengers and crew. Crew will also have some form of PPE such as protective eye wear, gloves and possibly disposable coveralls. You know those times when you snag a flight with lots of empty seats and as soon as the door is closed or…